May 14 – Indy 500 Practice Day 1


SPEEDWAY, Ind. (May 14, 2019) – Indy 500 Practice Daily Report

Position Driver Fast Lap Total Laps
1 Will Power 229.745 mph 68
3 Ed Carpenter 228.653 mph 105
10 Ed Jones 227.966 mph 105
11 Spencer Pigot 227.836 mph 128

ED CARPENTER, NO. 20 PREFERRED FREEZER SERVICES CHEVROLET:There is always more you can get done, but today was a really good start! The baseline setup was good and we were able to work through everything that we wanted to try today. Not only on my car, but the other two as well. There will be a lot of data to go through tonight! Certainly there are areas for improvement. All things considered, where we are starting Day 1, speed-wise and race setup wise, we are in a decent place. We tried a couple of different things today that were interesting and still need to be explored, but I am excited for the rest of the week!”

SPENCER PIGOT, NO. 21 AUTOGEEK CHEVROLET “Today was a good day. We got through a lot of the changes that were on our list for Day 1, which is encouraging! We still have areas where we can improve. We will look it over tonight and be ready with a plan for tomorrow. Everything made for a great start to the week!” 

ED JONES, No. 63 ED CARPENTER RACING SCUDERIA CHEVROLET: “Good first day on the oval! We made changes and did quite a number of laps. It was helpful to learn in these warm conditions as it will be even warmer later in the month. It was difficult in traffic today, but I think everyone was struggling out there. Hopefully we can make a few improvements and we will see how we do tomorrow.”


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