Allegiant International


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Founded in 2007, Allegiant International, LLC, is a leading and rapidly-growing professional services network firm. With a unique combination of blue chip clientele, a company inimitable business model and sustainable competitive advantages, Allegiant is a stand-out pioneer in its niche, offering specialty services designed to optimize industrial manufacturing supply chains.

Allegiant built a one-of-a-kind business by developing and offering Managed Response Team (“MRT”) services to address supply chain risks, crises, and time-critical supplier performance initiatives for large companies and their complex supply chains. Leveraging its robust technology platform and its large network of advisory and tactical experts, Allegiant International offers the capabilities of a top multinational consultancy firm and the professional, technical resources of a best-in-class specialty service enterprise; all purposefully combined under a thoughtfully-crafted and intentionally-lean business model.

Its rapidly expanding client base relies on Allegiant to excel in complex matters that need an immediate or emergency response. The outcomes have been phenomenal and noteworthy and its leading clients have entered into long-term contracts to assure the deployment of resources, and the significant cost savings thereof, are not compromised.

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