May 22 – 2016 Indy 500 Pole Day

JOSEF NEWGARDEN, NO. 21 PREFERRED FREEZER SERVICES CHEVROLET, QUALIFIED 2ND: “I got going up the gears; I went fifth, sixth on the front stretch and it was just on the limiter and with this headwind normally you downshift on the backstretch.  I was just holding six on the limiter all the way through turn two.  I was like ‘what is going on, this thing’s super quick!’  It’s the quickest the car’s been all month.  It was a good time to peak.  This is the pinnacle, this is the greatest event that you can be a part of in racing so it’s just cool to be here.  I was so happy to see our speed on that first lap and I got really hopeful that it might be enough to hang on but it wasn’t.  I’m happy for James (Hinchcliffe).  It was a great run by them and Schmidt Peterson Motorsports has done a fantastic job.  We lost the battle today but I’m hoping we can win next weekend.”
JR HILDEBRAND, NO. 6 PREFERRED FREEZER SERVICES CHEVROLET, QUALIFIED 15TH: “We went out when the conditions were pretty lousy.  We knew that ahead of time so we wanted to make sure that we could get four good laps in and not be in a position where we’re fast but having a tricky time putting laps together.  You saw a lot of guys do that this morning and in qualifying today.  We ended up 15th, which I think we’re pretty pleased with.  At this point it’s really about the race.  Anywhere that we were going to qualify today within reason was going to put us in a position to win next Sunday.  Now we use what time we have left on track to get dialed in in race trim.”
ED CARPENTER, NO. 20 FUZZY’S ULTRA PREMIUM VODKA CHEVROLET, QUALIFIED 20TH: “I’ve got a great car.  That’s as well of handling car as when I had the pole here.  It just doesn’t want to go fast this week.  We’ll hope for a little more speed next week but the handling is certainly there so I think we’ll have what it takes to get to the front in the race.  We’ll have to pass more cars and be a little more aggressive than what I had anticipated earlier in the race.”