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Directions to the Indianapolis 500

Indianapolis Motor Speedway – Indianapolis, Indiana


Drivers using I-65 in the downtown area and wanting to utilize infield parking should exit at 30th Street west bound to Gate 10. Access to Lot 1c is also available via 30th Street. All drivers coming from the north, northwest or northeast on either I-465 or I-65 are encouraged to use I-465 west to the 38th Street or US 136 exits. Both will provide access to Speedway parking.


Motorists traveling on I-465 can take the following routes to get to the Speedway.

10th Street, Exit 14 to Lynhurst Drive where you will be directed north on Lynhurst. You can then choose off-street parking in the area, or continue north on Lynhurst Drive and join the traffic on US 136.

US 136, Exit 16A. Vehicles will be sent in three directions but all will get to the track. Any vehicles with parking permits for private lots west of the track must be in the right hand lane of US 136 in order to be directed east to Georgetown Road for parking.All vehicles in the left lane of US 136 will be sent north on Lynhurst Drive where two lanes of traffic will form. At 25th Street, the right lane will be directed east on 25th to Meyers Avenue, then south on Meyers to McCray Street, east to Georgetown Road and in Gate 7 or to private parking in that area. The cars in the left lane of Lynhurst will continue north on Lynhurst, west on 26th Street, north on Moller Road, and east on 30th Street to parking in Lot 1c.

38th Street east, Exit 17, and go south on Moller Road, then east on 30th Street to park in Lot 1c. If traffic on Moller is backed up, vehicles on 38th will be sent to Georgetown Road and then south to Lot 1c. 30th Street is a good alternative to other streets that fill up quickly. Officers will be in contact with each other, traffic helicopters, and the track control tower via radio so they can determine what roads are backed up, and reroute traffic accordingly.

Be patient and follow officers’ directions and any signs pointing out routes. Officers from the Indiana State Police, Speedway Police Department, Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, and Motor Speedway Security will be directing traffic in and around the track.

May 30, 2021

12 p.m. ET

Indy 500
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